1 adverb
1 also forwards
towards a place or position that is in front of you: He leaned forward slightly to try to hear what they were saying. | The crowd surged forwards.
2 towards greater progress, improvement, or development: The building of the new sports stadium is going forward. | trying to find a way forward in the peace talks
3 towards the future in a way that is hopeful: This is just the moment at which companies should be looking forward.
4 from that day/time/moment etc forward beginning on that day or at that time: They never met again from that day forward.
5 in or towards the front part of a ship
—compare aft, backwards, —see also: fast forward, look forward to look 1, backwards and forwards backwards (4) 2 adjective
1 (only before noun) directed towards a place or position that is in front of you: Army roadblocks prevented any further forward movement.
2 forward planning/thinking the act of making plans so that you will be prepared for what will happen in the future: Forward planning is essential if you want the venture to succeed.
3 no further forward not having made much progress, especially compared to what was expected: We've been trying to find a solution for weeks but we're no further forward.
4 (only before noun) situated at or near the front of a ship, vehicle, building etc: We sat in one of the forward sections of the train.
5 formal too confident and friendly in dealing with people you do not know very well: She was careful in what she said, having no wish to sound forward.
—compare backward 3 verb
1 (T) to send letters, goods etc to someone, especially when they have moved to a new address: We will forward the goods on receipt of your cheque. | forward sth to sb: Can you forward my mail to me, please?
2 (T) formal to help something to develop so that it becomes successful: I see this new responsibility as a good chance to forward my career.
4 noun (C) an attacking player on a team in sports such as football, basketball etc

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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